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The law is supposed to protect those who have been wronged, but it doesn’t always come to your aid the way it should. In many cases, people who ought to enjoy the benefits of America’s many statutes and regulations find that the system falls short and fails them. In such instances, these victims must take informed, decisive action to secure justice.

We founded Golden Law LLP to close the gap between what the law should do and how it actually works in the real world. Our team of knowledgeable legal advisers and proactive attorneys draws on a variety of unique skills to help those we serve. By keeping ourselves ready for any legal challenge, we make it easier for ordinary individuals, families and businesses to stay prepared for the uncertainties that might lie down the road.

Comprehensive Practice Area Experience

Real Estate Law

Real estate law applies to transactions like buying and selling homes or business properties. It may also cover the way you manage a property such as a multifamily home or apartment building. If you’re considering finalizing a transaction, using land for a special purpose or extending your home, then you might benefit from talking to our team.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, lays down the law concerning how your creditors can try to get you to pay your debt. It also clearly defines your rights, such as being able to seek legal representation and stop collectors from harassing you. If you’ve been called at late hours, hounded or threatened, we may be able to help you pursue damages.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Who decides what goes on your credit report and who can access it? The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, includes various provisions that preserve your power to stay in charge of your credit history. When creditors fail to remove incorrect records or someone uses your report without your consent, you can depend on us to help you fight for accuracy.


Filing for bankruptcy is just one of many ways to resolve your debt, and there are numerous forms of bankruptcy to choose from. We think that consumers and business leaders should be able to seek this protection confidently, so we’re committed to educating them on the process and representing them throughout.

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